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Standing Committees

Bylaws - Brianna Harris

Finance - Linda Ewing

Program - Sandra Boykins

Standards - Cathy Carr

Membership - Michella King

Sisterly Relations - D'Ann Oldham

Connection - Cynthia Miree-Coppin

Archives - Corri Wofford

Technology - LaKisha Whitehead

Leadership Development - Carla


Courtesy - Cyd Grace

Protocol - Stephanie Edwards

Fundraising - Keia-Perry Farr

Publicity - Charo Earle

Educational Advancement


Foundation -  Melanie Farmer-Harris

Risk Management - Arica Rosado

Strategic Planning - Kimberley Will

NPHC Representatives - Charo arle,  Kea Norrell-Aitch and Heather Lloyd

Pearl Necklace_edited.jpg

Program Initiative Committees

Empower Our Families- Kea Norrell Aitch

Build Our Economic Wealth- Helena Jones

Enhance Our Environment- Nathifa Riley

Advocate for Social Justice- Edna Clark

Uplift Our Local Community- Tomara Nolen

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